Educational Services

Desert Hills has a comprehensive educational program 12 months a year. During the regular school year, the clients attend a specialized charter school that resides on the Desert Hills campus. During the breaks, the students are taught by APS teachers through Desert Hills North Central Accredited private school.

Educational Services Overview

The School is accredited by Advance Ed (formerly the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement). Clients receive regular school credit while they attend the Desert Hills School.

Continuing with the client’s education while at Desert Hills is an important part of the treatment program. The school provides a positive, safe, individualized place to learn and grow. The Desert Hills teachers communicate weekly with the Treatment Team, assuring consistency in the individual goals set for each student.

In the case of clients who are in Kindergarten through Fifth grades, Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) provides the educational component through their Home Hospital or Home Bound programs. Both regular education and special services are provided. APS Teachers come to Desert Hills for a few hours every day to work with these students.

The Milieu Counselors play a very important role as a team member in the school program. The Milieu Counselors assist primarily with discipline, but also often provide educational assistance to the teacher.

All middle-school and high-school students have their names placed on the lottery at La Academia de Esperanza Charter School when they are admitted into Desert Hills. Esperanza is a public school and operates independently. The clients that do not get enrolled at the charter school attend the Desert Hills School.

Desert Hills School

At the Desert Hills School, you and your family will be involved with your Education Evaluation and in forming your education goals. We will work with you to make your educational experience with us a positive one.

La Academia de Esperanza (Charter School)

Upon lottery selection to attend Esperanza, the school staff there will conduct an orientation and explain how the school program works. Please refer to the La Academia de Esperanza website for more information.

Recovery Really Is Possible

Life as an alcoholic prevented me from having strong relationships with my loved ones.  Desert Hills taught me how to overcome my addiction and become a man of integrity.

– Chris S.