Desert Hills Of New Mexico Accredited School

At the Desert Hills School you and your family will be involved with your education evaluation and in forming your education goals. We will work with you to make your educational experience with us a positive one.

Desert Hills School Overview

Upon admission to the Desert Hills School, past school records will be evaluated to help determine the student’s academic schedule and in what subject areas he/she needs to earn credits.

When students withdraw from the Desert Hills School to transfer to another school, they will receive transfer grades if they attended school for a minimum of ten days.

The teacher will complete an education evaluation within 3 days of the client’s entering the Desert Hills School. The client and their family will have the opportunity to participate in the evaluation and will be asked to sign it.

Mission Statement

Desert Hills School is committed to providing an educational program for children who demonstrate a variety of serious and complicated social, emotional, and educational issues. Provisions are made for individualized and basic instruction in a therapeutic and supportive academic setting, thus facilitating smooth transitions.

Vision Statement

To provide Desert Hills Students with the skills that will help them experience a successful transition back into the community and to future academic and vocational settings.

Recovery Really Is Possible

Although it was a hard decision to send our child to Desert Hills, I can't thank the staff enough. Our family feels stronger and we understand each other's emotions so much better now.

– Taylo J.